Wednesday, December 22, 2010


With Christmas fast approaching, and today the last day for to ship, in order to get it there by Christmas...I can finally exhale and spend a bit of time exercising my 'other' passion; writing...and my 'other other' passion, spending time with my family. Oh and I have to get my last minute shopping for Christmas done, and decorate, and wrap presents, and, and, and....well so much for relaxing...

So Merry Christmas to you and yours....Happy Holidays and our best to you in 2011! If you are enjoying one of the many great food products we sent out over the last month since our site launch, Thank you. Since we've fed you, how about a little feed back via our contact page.

If you haven't ordered yet from hurry if you'd like us to get your lasagna or manicotti to you in time for that New Years celebration.

Once again Happy Holidays and thank you from Chef Scotty , Bruce Guercio and all of us at

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