Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little trick

A while back a friend of mine gave me an antelope roast that he had acquired as the result of a successful hunt. I myself haven't hunted since I was a kid, but knowing how great wild game can be, I accepted the gift and after prepping it with my 'Chef Scotty's SW spice/rub' and infusing it with garlic, I then wrapped it and tucked it away in the freezer.

I pulled it out to thaw the day before Mothers Day in order to cook and serve it as a mothers day feast. I pasted it with mixture of mayonnaise, mustard, and horseradish, in order to keep the juices in...(often times wild game is very lean and it is important to preserve inner moisture in some fashion). It was obvious to me that it would have a spicy 'ting' because of the 'SW spice' as well as the horseradish in the paste, so I decided to offset that with a sweet raspberry sauce.

I didn't have any antelope stock to use in the sauce, so here's the trick. I cut up fresh celery, carrots, and red onion, surrounded and covered the roast then added a bit of sea salt and fresh ground pepper before putting it in the oven. When the roast reached about 142 deg.F./ med. rare, I removed it from the oven and poured the juice in the bottom of the roasting pan into a sauce pan. Yep! That's my antelope stock. I added a healthy pat of butter and some fresh raspberry jam reducing it until it thickened to my liking. Walla! Raspberry sauce...And what a treat.

Weather you make gravy or sauce the taste is in the dripping's. Have fun cooking!

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