Saturday, December 25, 2010

The coming new year

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. I hope that your time was well spent and that you and your family and friends were able to share the love and joy that such times offer.

With New Years approaching, those of you who are having friends and family over to bring in 2011 might consider getting your orders in to us so that we can ship them to you in time. We at will be shipping Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week all over America in order to assure you that the Lasagna and/or Manicottis you want to share will get to you promptly.

Here's a little tip about cooking that not only applies to cooking Lasagna, but goes for most meats, roasts, poultry, fish; anything you will be baking. Before placing your food in the oven, let it sit on the kitchen counter for a hour or two to bring it to room temperature. This will allow for even cooking through out. Generally speaking, poultry should be brought to 165 deg. F....while the internal temperature of meats should get to 145 deg. F. in order to kill any bacteria that might cause food poisoning. One more thing; Once you remove your dish from the oven its temperature will continue to rise as much as 5-7 deg, so removal a bit early according to your meat thermometer is a good idea depending on how well done you like your dish.

So have fun in the kitchen and don't forget the most important ingredient....Love!

Happy New Year from Chef Scotty and your friends at
Note: Picture is of our Meat Manicotti. Here's what Craig of Mill Valley had to say about it.
"The Manicotti is Delicious. I have eaten in many San Francisco, North Beach establishments and yours rivals the best of them. The red wine reduction sauce is superb, but the manicotti itself is great as well. The pasta, the meat, the cheese all have balance of flavor; You've really done it with this menu item."

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