Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cookin' veggies....

Hello out there in kitchen land. Since I just finished a great batch of Vegetable Lasagnas for our customers at I thought I'd give you all a tip or two on how to cook veggies in order to preserve taste, quality, and nutritional value.

For many domestic and commercial chefs, it's simple...turn up the heat, pour in the viscose...(either butter or oil)... dump in the chopped vegetables and cook the old fashioned way.....Burn em'! Well, maybe it doesn't seem like you're burning them but when you think about it, there's only one reason why they put heat controls on a stove you can choose your heat levels.

So, here's my suggestions: First remember that whatever viscose you use, it will expand, like anything else, when it is heated... So use it sparingly.

Second, add a touch of water...or even forgo the oil/butter and use only H2O. This will help steam in the taste. Turn on your range to a very low setting. Roll in whatever herbs and/or spices you want to use as the veggies begin to heat up. Now here's the 'ticket' to flavor and quality....Cook them slooooooowly, turning them as they cook, sweat, and clarify. Don't over heat them or cook them for too long...Taste em, and finish them the way you love them. And remember, if you are adding anything else to them,, meats, sauce, pasta, or using them in something that will keep them cooking longer like casserole or lasagna....par cook them...this means under cook them a bit, keeping in mind the total time needed for cooking perfection.

I once heard that if you'd like to learn to slow your life down a bit...."plant a carrot, watch it grow"...Cooking is a art and a joy to be savored....Slow down and enjoy it.

If you'd like to test this cooking method go to and choose our Vegetable Lasagna... We'll send it right to your door.

Have fun in the kitchen of life...slow down and cook up a great life.

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